Wildflower Turf

5th November 2014

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We are proud to announce that we are a Wildflower Turf Accredited Partner

We now have the expertise to advise on wildflower turf and have the capabilities to undertake installation of turf working with Wildflower Turf who are the UK’s leading specialist supplier of Wildflower Turf products.

As an Accredited Partner the benefits of Wildflower Turf are

- Improving biodiversity in landscaping projects
- Wildflower areas provide essential environments for pollinators such as honey bees.
- Wildflower landscapes offer twice the carbon storage capabilities compared to most woodland according to The Grassland Trust.

With the knowledge gained over the years Wildflower Turf is the preferred method to transform an area in your garden or estate.  Wildflower Turf have grow numerous wild flower mixes for a wide range of customers including 2012 Olympics.

For further information please call 01794 368855 and ask for Ed Mills.

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